As our world’s communication needs continue to evolve, so does ITworks’ response to those needs. Our state-of-the-art, custom configured data centers are built on the premise of high performance adaptability, security, and reliability.


ITworks understands the demand, and need, to provide turnkey, cutting-edge solutions to schools and other educational institutions. We empower students and scholars with communication tools such as mobile and ubiquitous learning, one-to-one computing and gaming, and customized results.


We understand that company sizes and needs vary widely. ITworks’ streamlined and managed enterprise services are strategically designed and implemented based on your specific needs. Our custom tailored approach combining our dedicated consultants and engineers, with technology and people, brings true communication results.


It is no secret that financial institutions require extra levels of protection. We provide reliable and resilient communication platforms that offer the banking world the highest levels of security, stability, and steadfastness. ITworks’ ethics and ability to refresh old solutions or create new ones is why so many global financial institutions entrust their data-centers and networks to us.


Healthcare systems affect all of us at one time or another. This unquestionable fact results in massive demand for streamlined, digital records and systems (hospital information system [HIS] and [RIS] radiology information system). ITworks solutions enable both providers and patients to collaborate within an advanced, effective, and secure health network, improving quality of life for millions, everyday.


One of the world’s most in-demand industries is hospitality. In this highly competitive market, every IT advancement and amenity counts. Guests and owners alike know the differences that often overlooked services such as broadband internet, HD on-demand video, and one-touch automation can make.

Featured Clients

Burj Al Salam
Lukoil Oil Company
Emirates British Nursery
La Cantine Du Faubourg
Saraya’s W Amman Hotel
Nusr.ET Steak House
Future Pipes Industries
Al Nabooda Automobiles, LLC
SNR Denton
Bay Square